What are the best cat toys?

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Cats are naturally playful creatures. They instinctually enjoy playing with their human companions. Playing with your cat is important because it provides opportunities for you and your cat to bond. Play enables cats to get exercise and relieve stress by burning off excess energy. They also get to practice their hunting skills such as pouncing, stalking, and chasing. The best cat toys fulfill the requirements of human-cat bonding, exercise, stress relief, and hunting instincts.

Wand toys are one type of interactive toy you can use to play with your cat. These toys consist of an object, such as feathers or a ball, on the end of a long string or wire that is attached to a stick. You hold the stick and swing the object around while your cat chases it. Your cat will get exercise while chasing it. It is vital to let the cat catch the object every so often so that its hunting instincts are satisfied.

If there are feathers on the end of a string, the feathers can be situated on the string in such a way to look like a bird when being swung back and forth. It will look like your cat is chasing a bird when chasing and leaping after it. Other objects such as a mouse, a small ball, ribbon, or special characters such as BB8 from Star Wars can be placed on the string and swung around for your cat to chase.

Track toys, consisting of a track with a ball that your cat can swat, are another type of cat toy. This is a toy that your cat can interact with on its own when you are not around. They use their paws to swat the ball so that it moves around on a track. Some cats will run around the track chasing after the ball as it moves, therefore getting exercise.

Small ball and mice toys are another kind of the best cat toys for cats. Your cat can take a small, crinkly ball and swat it around. It can carry the said toy in its mouth as it walks. These toys are also great for interactive play as well. You can throw the small ball or mouse, and your cat will chase after it. Your cat may even carry it in its mouth back to you, as some cats are wont to do. Bouncy balls are also great for your cat to chase.

Often, the best cat toy for your cat is already lying around your house. It could be an old straw, a wad of paper, an extra shoelace, or anything that your cat finds fun. Cats will find ways to entertain themselves when they need to burn off energy. That is why playtime for cats is so important. Without it, they are more likely to develop behavioral problems. Using cat toys can alleviate that problem. Your cat will be much less aggressive and it will not develop weight problems. Most of all, playing with your cat using cat toys will help you bond with your cat and gain its trust.

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