How Homemade Cat Toys Can Keep Your Cat Out of Trouble?

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Cats are a favorite household pet for many reasons, although their inquisitive personalities and predatory instincts can help them find the most creative and unexpected way to get into trouble, especially when left unsupervised. Whether you are home or away, you can help them burn off energy and stay out of trouble with the aid of creative homemade cat toys.

Sock Toys

You can finally find a use for those single socks missing pairs or outgrown baby socks by making them into something your cat will enjoy. Stuff the end of the sock with a little stuffing and catnip and tie or sew it together with string. You can cut the ends into strips and attach some feathers to capture your cat’s interest even more, and then let the fun begin!

Easy Fishing Pole

The fishing pole is one of the staples of cat entertainment, and it’s one of the easier ones to make. All you need is a stick, wooden dowel, or a leftover gift wrapping tube, and use string to tie some feathers, ribbons, or strips of cloth to the end. This is a great interactive toy to use when you play with your cat, and it will help them burn off some energy and sate that predatory instinct.

Water Bottle Toy

If you want to sprinkle some rewards through your cat’s day even if you are not there, you can make a fun treat dispenser out of an old water or soda bottle. Cut some small holes around the bottle and fill it with treats! Your cat will spend hours rolling it around, entertained by the crinkle and movement inside the bottle, while also being occasionally rewarded for their play. You can also fill the water bottle with bells or LED lights, giving your cat something to play with that offers sounds and visuals that will keep them entertained for hours.

Toilet Paper Rolls

Chances are, if your cat has ever been in your bathroom unsupervised, you are aware of how much cats love empty toilet paper tubes. Luckily, it is easy to make a variety of toys out of this household necessity that your cat will love! You can fill it a toilet paper tube with bells, beans, or anything else that will make noise and seal the ends with tape. You can also attach pieces of cloth or feathers to the end if you want to give your cat something extra to bat around. The great thing about toilet paper rolls is that your cat can also enjoy them just the way they are.

Kitty Garden

Cats can do a lot of damage to your indoor plants, so one way to help deter them is to plant a kitty garden just for your cat! You can use an indoor planter and fill it with things your cat will love, like catnip or grass. This will give your cat their very own garden to chew on and roll around in, while taking their attention off of the plants you would prefer they didn’t eat.

Scratching Post

Like the kitty garden, scratching posts aren’t exactly toys, but they are something you can easily make at home to deter your cat from damaging your furniture or carpets. All you need is a carpet sample square and a wooden square. Attach the carpet square with glue and you have a homemade scratching post! You can mount these on corners or walls accessible to your cat, or keep them on the floor. This will give your cat an alternative scratching option to deter them from scratching up your couch.

Cardboard Boxes

Your cat probably has already expressed a love for every cardboard box that makes it into your house, so before you toss those cardboard boxes into the recycling bin, think about using them to make something your cat will enjoy. Line a shoebox with blankets and soft items to give your cat a comfortable bed or lounge spot, or you can cut holes in the side and secure multiple boxes together with tape into a fun maze! You can even decorate the boxes with paint or cloth on the outside to make them fit into your own household décor.

Cats can be wonderful family pets and companions, but their high energy level and natural instincts can get them into trouble if they don’t have enough to stimulate them on a daily basis. By putting some thought into a few easy homemade cat toys, you can give your cat plenty of opportunity to stay engaged, active, and well behaved.

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