What Is An Alternative Cat Litter?

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If you own several cats, you should know all too well the cost that comes with them and their litter. What if there was an alternative cat litter that was cheaper and actually better than the regular clumping clay stuff? Well, no worries, I know quite a few alternatives to your cat litter that you would have never thought of before!

First, why is regular clay litter something that should be replaced? If it works, why fix it, right? Wrong.

Regular clumping clay litters are not bio-degradable. They sit in a landfill for years and years completely unaltered by the elements. Not to mention that the dust from clay litters can cause some major breathing problems for your kitty. Why not look around for a natural alternative cat litter that will not only cost less, but work better for your cats?

Pellet Stove Pellets:

My top pick for an alternative cat litter is regular pellet stove pellets. These little pellets, usually made out of various wood shavings, can be purchased for around $5.00 for a 40 pound bag! This is WAY cheaper than the regular clay litter plus it provides several benefits as opposed to the clay litter.

There is a "made for cats" pellet litter out on the market called Feline Pine, however, this is the exact same stuff as the cheaper wood pellets. Other benefits include scent control, leaving a nice wood scent when your cats use the restroom and easy clean up. When the cats urinate, the litter falls apart and stays at the bottom while the other stuff is easily sifted out.

This is by far one of the best alternative cat litters to use when you have multiple cats because of the scent control. One more pro? It doesn't track all over your house because the pieces don't get stuck to the bottom of your cat's paws!

Onto the cons of wood litter and, from what I can tell, there is only one: You have to train your cats to switch over. To do this, you start out by adding the pellets into your normal litter over the course of about a week until you have completely gotten rid of the regular litter. If you do this, your cats will have no problem transitioning.

Corn Litter:

The other alternative cat litter I like to recommend is the corn litter. It isn't as cheap as the previously mentioned wood pellets, but it does provide quite a bit of benefits for your cats, one of which being easy clumping and clean up. For some reason, this is one of the only natural litters that clumps similarly to the clay counterpart. Not to mention it is flushable in small quantities making clean up very easy for those of you that live in apartments. While the price of corn litters is about the same as the clay ones, it actually lasts longer due to the corn's natural ability to suppress ammonia. However, some cons are that it's extremely dusty and not the best for multiple cat houses due to the lack of complete odor control.

These two alternative cat litters are fantastic for those of you looking to do something better for the environment and have a healthier cat. Not to mention, the pine pellets are FAR cheaper than it's clay counterpart! Know of any great cat litter alternatives? Leave them in the comments below!

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