What is a cat? is it a feline or a pet or a friend?

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What is a cat?

Most people will say these feline creatures are friendly fluffy and fun to be around. They range in many shapes and sizes and come with beautiful big shiny eyes. Cats are able to jump incredible heights and run with amazing speeds.

To say cats are a good animal to be around would be pretty agreeable statement in most people’s opinion. Cats range between 3 to 8kg in weight dependant on the breed and usually have a life span around 15 years. They are in general a great life companions however do require commitment as they are territorial animals and do not like moving location.

Cats do like a routine and like to play regularly. So occupy them with many scratching posts and objects that tend to be small nimble and make a distinctive scratching noise.

Felines are susceptible to fleas but this can easily be managed with flea spray and a regular liquid sachet that gets applied to the back of its neck. Apart from the annual injections for worms these animals have little maintenance required as long as they have a decent daily diet.

In general good behaviours can be driven through good practices of diet, play/exercise and sleep patterns. A normal routine for a cat would be to hunt, play, eat, groom and then sleep, this would be repeated over an approximate six hour period.

The typical looking cat you would find in the cities such as in London would be mixed breeds or moggy usually around 1 ft. in height and 1.5ft in length with black or grey fur (although this can vary significantly), a long tail and pointy ears that are above its head.

These creatures are magnificent and display great reaction time and agility with the ability to hunt with minimal light available. They have a great sense of smell however lack very close range eyesight hence relies on their whiskers to identify distance or pressure.

Cats have a wide range of fur type and colour. This can be stripy hence termed a tabby or a single colour black. They may have two or even three different distinct colours for their fur these are termed tortoise.

A cat is a feline that has four legs and a tail. They have multiple colours and types of fur. They can jump seven times its height and can accelerate incredibly fast. They can hunt in pitch black night and have a distinct sense of smell.

Many cats live in homes with people and usually convey good behaviours without worry from the owner. Usually bad behaviours are developed through bad practices and lack of space for the cat to play.

Cats are carnivores in general however over the years by eating leftovers have developed a wider range of food choice. A fresh meat or fish source as its main source for eating with a small quantity of dried food that contain fibre and vitamins is a healthy option around 140g per day of meat and around 20-30g of dried food.

So what is a cat? Is it an animal, a pet, a feline, an adorable friend or a life companion? Whichever you choose please take care and love cats.

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