What are some things about cats you might have to deal with while caring for them?

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When caring for a cat there are some things about cats you need to know depending on the type of cat you have. Most cats are friendly, but then you have those cats that take a little more time to deal with. As everyone knows cats are prone to fur balls especially if they happen to have long hair, but you can try to prevent the hairball issue as much as possible by brushing your cat every day. It is however also advisable to clip your cats nails if they are an inside cat because it could cause an issue when it comes to playing and children. With an outside cat they tend to already run down their nails on concrete or pavement, but clipping their nails could affect them being able to protect their selves while outside. There are many types of food you must consider with your cat also such as an indoor cat should have the indoor food and an outside cat should have at least a brand that has all the vitamins and nutrients in it and plenty of meats. When a cat is outside they are more susceptible to getting sick and the multi-vitamin food can up their immune system. Kittens are a little different then taking care of a grown adult cat they need more attention and need to be taught what’s good and what’s not. A kitten still has to learn how to litter train, what they can and can’t eat, and how rough they can be when playing. Teaching a kitten these many things could be the steps between how your adult cat should act when they become adults. After looking at some things about cats and the many things having to deal with while taking care of your cat, it doesn’t compare to anything when it comes to your female cat having kittens. When a cat has kittens shell usually wants to be alone. She will find a place where its calm, closed off, and out of site. Not all cats are like this some actually want to be right next to you because their scared. When the kittens are born you need to make sure that they don’t get disturbed. It’s been said once you pick up a kitten and they get your scent on them then the mother will no longer take care of them. What is not known that really only applies to people the cat doesn’t know and of course children. Children are generally scary to most animals; they’re loud and quick when it comes to something they really want to play with. If the cat belongs to you then there’s a pretty good chance they won’t mind if you mess with their young, but anyone else and they might get a bit temperamental. When taking care of your cat read everything you can find because not are there so many things that could go wrong, but there are also many diseases that they could get if not taking care of properly. Be sure to make sure you know everything you can and take good care of your kitty.

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