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It is no surprise cats have become very popular pets among people. They are lovable, affectionate and independent pets. However, just like any other pet, cats require a certain level of care so that they may live long healthy lives with you.

A main factor when caring for cats is making sure your pet is maintaining a well-balanced diet. Look for cat food brands that offer a rich supply of vitamins and minerals and always have fresh water available for your furry friends. If you have just gotten a kitten, providing food with extra protein is important. Having a mix of both dry and wet food is ideal for your cat. Measuring out dry food can help prevent overeating and weight gain.

It is recommended that you have your cats neutered. This procedure is quick and helps to prevent complications with the cat's reproductive tract. Regular veterinary visits are important to get checkups on your cat's health. Cats are susceptible to diseases such as kidney and heart disease so getting vaccinated is a priority.

Caring for cats also requires regular grooming maintenance. Depending on the length of your cat's hair, you may want to brush the cat regularly. In addition to brushing your cat, regular bathing is important. Cats can experience dry skin and dander build up. Using a cat friendly shampoo, bathe your cat about once a month and it will help to prevent dry itchy skin and leave them with a beautiful coat of hair.

Cats need a mental stimulation just as everyone else does. There are a variety of cat toys available. Buying your cats different toys will help keep your feline occupied and happy. Making time to play with your cat can be very beneficial in their mental development and the overall bond you form with your cat. This will also prevent your cat from using a hazardous objects such as plastic bags and rubber bands as play toys.

There is good reason why the quote "curiosity killed the cat" exists. Cats are known to be very inquisitive creatures. Therefore, it would be wise to make sure your front door is shut at all times to avoid losing a wandering kitty. It is also a good idea to purchase a collar with your kitty's address information just in case.

Cats can possess some less than desirable behaviors. You may want to keep your cat from jumping on the counters in your kitchen or stop chewing on your plants. It is your job to train your cat from doing these destructive behaviors. The best way to instill good behavior in a feline is through discipline. Whenever your cat misbehaves it is important to discipline them in a timely manner. On the contrary, when your cat is showing good behavior, positive reinforcement is key. This is will help the cat to see that when they are on good behavior, the result will be rewards and praise.

Overall, cats are dependent on their chosen owners. It is very important for future cat owners to be prepared with the necessities cats need to have healthy happy lives.

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